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Our 60-Step Greg Skelcy Bicycle Assembly Technique is so stringent that we need to retrain all of our new employees to assemble a bike right the first time. It takes quite a bit of work to eradicate the bad habits they learned elsewhere. We service all makes and models, no matter where or when you bought them. When you buy your bike at The Stable, we even teach you how to correctly service a bike, if you are interested.

Our commitment to service excellence is not matched anywhere, and our technicians stay up-to-date with the latest technology to keep you up and running, no matter what sport you are into.

Please note that these are ONLY labor prices and parts cost will be added

Repair Prices

Tune ups - $20-60

Replace Tube or Tire (off bike) - $7 (per wheel)

Replace Tube or Tire (on bike) - $10 (per wheel)

Replace Tube tire on bike internally geared - $20 (rear wheel)

Brake Adjustments Disc - $20 (per brake)

True Wheels - $10-25

Packing a Bike For Shipping - $75 (Including box)

Assemble & Tune a Bike Received in a Box - $75

Chain Installation - $8-15

Derailleur Adjustment - $15 (each)

Wheel Building - $50 (min)