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Name: Clark
Job Title: Assistant Manager
Length of time at Stable: 10/29/12 Ė 5 years
Specialized training/qualifications: Trek University
Favorite part of the job: Helping customers find the right gear to enjoy their outdoor activity as much as I enjoy mine. Seeing the customers coming back in with their stories and hearing how much they enjoy their new set ups.
Favorite bike: Trek 920 Ė Out of my 10 bicycles this one definitely takes the #1 spot because of its versatility and comfort for long rides on pavement or off road. Plus I can haul snowboards I find along the side of the Saginaw River.
Favorite skis/boards: Blizzard Bonafide Ė this ski is kinda like a SUV so I can cruise pretty much anything Michigan can throw my way and yet still enjoy groomers when the fresh pow isnít in town.
Marhar Darkside - this snowboard is my favorite for a few reasons. One, itís made right here in the mitten by some pretty cool cats of in Grand Rapids! Second, it actually rides better than any Burton Iíve ever been on, so the fact that it rips and is made here is pretty neat.
Favorite moment at the Stable: Thereís not many dull moments here so picking my favorite would be a tricky task.
What would people be surprised to know about you? I was born and raised in Naples, Florida but learned now to ski when I was 2.5 years old in Vail, CO. Iíve also landed/flown a plane once. That was pretty cool.
How would your friends describe you? I would like to think they would describe me as a nice, easygoing, kind, funny at times kinda guy, but for the truth you might want to ask them.