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Name: Greg
Job Title: Service Manager
Length of time at Stable: 1976 Ė 1978 and 1979 - Present
Specialized training/qualifications: Associates of Applied Science, College of Hard Knocks, Oodles of useless & forgotten knowledge about bikes & skis.
Favorite part of the job: Seasonal changes of the business and working with my hobbies.
Favorite bike: Which one? Any self respecting mechanic has at least 6 or more. Favorite: 1975 Schwinn Track Bike and a 1978 Assenmacher Custom Road Bike.
Favorite skis/boards: Skis are so good now, itís hard to choose.
Favorite moment at the Stable: Many, especially when a customer brings in a less than ideal bike for a repair and comments that itís the best that the bike has ever ran. Same applies to skis.
What would people be surprised to know about you? My warped season of humor Ė oh! Wait, thatís no surprise!
How would your friends describe you? Typical Gemini Ė generally easy going with a streak of OCD. Keep that damn bike clean, and your skis waxed!
What do you like to do when youíre not working? Recovering stamp collector & reader.