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Kidís Bike Trade-In Program

How It Works:

  • Easy! When youíre ready to pick out a new bike for Junior, just bring in any kidís bike purchased from The Stable within the last 3 years with an original sales receipt and weíll give you a credit up to 50% of what you paid.
How much will I get for my child's bike?

  • The credit you receive depends on the condition of the bike. The credit can be no more than 50% of what you paid for the bike youíre trading in. Weíll evaluate the bike for wear and damage and price it accordingly. For example, value will be deducted for tires that are worn out, missing parts, or missing grips.
What can I buy with the credit?:

  • You can use the credit to purchase any new kidís bike. Qualifying kidís bikes are new 12Ē, 16Ē, 20Ē and 24Ē bikes. BMX bikes are NOT considered kidís bikes. If junior is all grown up now and needs an adult size bike you may use the credit toward the purchase of an adult bike. Once the credit has been used toward the purchase of an adult bicycle you will no longer be able to trade up.
Why should I participate?:

  • Safety is our number one concern with all of our customers, but especially with kids. We want our youngest customers to be on properly sized bikes not only for safety but because bikes that are the right size are more fun to ride. We also want to build good habits from an early age, which means we believe every rider, no matter what age, should be wearing a helmet. Ask about savings on kidís helmets with the purchase of a bike. If you have any questions about the program please feel free to contact us at (989) 799-0601 or by e-mail at