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Upgrade Your Equipment By Using Our


This program is for Junior Equipment only.

**Every child enrolled will receive a free kids season pass to

Caberfae Peaks + Shanty Creek + a jr 3-pack to Crystal Mountain!!**

( supplies limited, passes granted on a first come first serve basis )

( Each child will receive a pass to all three places. For Caberfae and Shanty it will be a season pass. For Crystal, it will be a 3-pack of passes with an offer for a discounted price for an adult 3-pack at Crystal, not a season pass. Call for any additional details. )

How does the Ski/Snowboard Junior Trade-In Program work?

  • The program is intended to give your child the proper size equipment every year by upgrading to enhance the experience and learning capabilities.

  • When you buy your equipment, save all of your receipts.

  • Come back to the store by April 30th (the end of the season) and return your equipment in good condition*.

  • We will issue a store credit of 100% on skis and bindings or 100% on snowboard and bindings, valid at The Stable for purchasing your new equipment for the following season.

  • We will issue a store credit of 50% (max) on ski boots and snowboarding boots. You are encouraged to keep the boots over the summer in case they fit for the next season. If they do not fit, you may still turn them in. If they do fit, you may wear them for an additional season and then turn them in at the end of the season by April 30th to obtain that credit.

  • If your child is in an adult ski boot or snowboarding boot, the 50% store credit will not be issued. An alternative option would be to put the boots into our consignment shop or keep them (entirely up to you).

  • Store credit can only be used to purchase a new set of skis and bindings or a new snowboard and bindings. Credit from the trade-in program can not be applied to used equipment.

  • Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding how the trade-in program works or come into the store, we would love to walk you through it!

NOTE: If you are already familiar with how the program works, know that we have made some slight chances. In order to receive your maximum credit that you have built up, follow these NEW dates...

  • If redeemed by OCT 15th ~ 100% credit

  • If redeemed between OCT 16th - NOV 15th ~ 70% credit

  • If redeemed after NOV 15th ~ 50% credit

Skis: Receive 100% store credit on the purchase price of the ski and binding.

Snowboards: Receive 100% store credit on the purchase of a snowboard and binding. Binding is based on 100% of the purchase price of either the Burton Freestyle or Burton Grom binding.

Is there a charge to belong to the program?

  • Yes, there is a $25 annual fee per child.

  • There will be a $35 fee to mount a pair of skis.

When do I have to bring the equipment back?

  • You have to return the equipment by April 30th at the end of the season to be eligible for the full amount of store credit offered.

  • There is no store credit if you bring the skis or snowboard back after April 30th. We need the equipment returned by April 30th so we can gauge our buying needs for next year.

  • You may place the skis in our consignment shop and receive a store credit for 80% of the consignment selling price or get cash back for 60% of the consignment selling price.

*GOOD CONDITION: "Use them, but don't abuse them"

  • There can't be gouges in the base.

  • The edges need to be intact.

  • No chips or chunks out of the top sheet.

  • The skis or snowboard can't be cracked or broken.

  • Minimum rust on the edges