The Stable
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The Stable started as an idea in a dental chair in 1972. My new dentist had purchased some equipment from me at Morley Brothers Ski Shop and asked if a backpacking shop would do well in Saginaw. I informed him that I had been working on my present employer to do just that. I also pointed out the lack of a good bike, tennis, and ski shop in the area.

That set the stage for our first meeting. We gathered two other interested investors and started to draft a business plan. Once the plan was set, all we needed was a building that was big enough and we could afford. That's when we spotted a small "for rent" sign on the door of an old 1860's livery stable. I will never forget walking into the building for the first time. Here was this old livery stable that had never been touched or remolded by anyone. It had high ceilings, pine floors, and large double hung windows. This building was a dream come true, great atmosphere. However, there was no heat or plumbing. The landlord of the building liked our idea and offered the building for $100 per month. I can still remember us all glancing at each other thinking what a great deal that was. We all worked our day jobs then at night we would meet at the Stable to make the necessary improvements so we could open the doors.

We finally got things together and opened on May 1, 1972. Things looked pretty sparse. Our opening inventory consisted of 12 ten speed bikes, 24 tennis racquets, a few hiking boots, tents, and backpacks. We sold the 12 bikes in three days then took the cash to Detroit to buy 15 more. We kept repeating this for over a month until we finally felt successful enough to have them shipped to us. That summer we sold over 400 bikes!

That first year our inventory wasn't the best but we listened to our customers and consistently improved the selection. In 1975, we joined a buying syndicate and prices got even better for our customers.

From the onset it has been our goal to provide leading edge products at very competitive prices and great service. The key to our great service will always be well trained, enthusiastic, polite people who enjoy the sports there involved in. The Stable has been open for nearly 46 years and we will continue our dedication to providing the very best products with the best customer service in the area. - Denny Whalen, Founder and Owner

300 S. Hamilton
Saginaw, MI 48602
Phone: 989-799-0601
Fax: 989-799-3669