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The first and most important part of any snowshoe is the binding. If you have a great binding system that connects you to the platform of your snowshoe you're going to have a much better experience from the first step you take. So we've focused on making that binding as easy to get into as possible with a single pull strap that captures your entire foot in every direction. When its on your foot, it won't loosen. And when its time to step out of your snowshoes at the end of the day, just pull one strap and pinch the sliding buckle off.

Secondly, the signature tear drop shaped frame you see on every Crescent Moon means "it's a lot easier to walk in than traditionally shaped snowshoes." Just think about that, when your equipment is designed around the way you naturally walk, then its going to be a lot more comfortable to walk in. Naturally.

And third; Made with pride and passion for 20 years. There are lots of snowshoes to choose from but we guarantee you'll feel better about your choice of Crescent Moon Snowshoes.

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